BCA Neuropsychology Group

203-214 Martindale Road
St. Catharines, ON, L2S 0B2
Phone: (905) 227-2264
Fax: (905) 227-3856
Information Contact: Dr. Sherrie Bieman-Copland

Our staff include 3 psychologists and 3 psychometrists/rehabilitation therapists. We provide comprehensive Neuropsychological therapy services, for children & adults including:
- Neuropsychological Assessments; assessments used to support treatment planning & school/work re-integration.
- Neuropsychological counselling, especially management of neurobehavioural sequela.
- Adjustment-oriented counselling
- Family support
- Consultation to multidisciplinary treatment teams and ABI Programs
- Goal-directed community-based cognitive rehabilitation services supervised by a registered Psychologist

Fees for service: Please contact our office for current waiting list times.

BCA Neuropsychology Group are affiliated with:

BCA Neuropsychology Group offer these support services:

Behaviour Management, Behavioural, Cognitive Rehab, Cognitive Therapy, Neuropsychological Assessment, Pain Management
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