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1280 Main St, W, Rm 4020
L.R. Wilson Hall
Hamilton, ON, L8N 1E9
Phone: (833) 869-6387
Fax: (833) 373-6707
Information Contact: Kimberly Elliott
Website: http://www.voxneuro.com
Established 2017

VoxNeuro provides the world’s first objective concussion and acquired brain injury assessment that steps beyond diagnosis to inform rehabilitation. They deliver quantitative insights on patients’ brain function that inform, accelerate, and track recovery with unprecedented precision.

VoxNeuro’s 60-minute Cognitive Health AssessmentsTM pin-point existing core cognitive deficits, determine required cognitive rehabilitation needs, and the potential need for a full neuropsychological assessment. The assessment reports arm healthcare providers with objective data to customize treatment quickly and efficiently by eliminating the subjectivity involved in current cognitive assessment methods and the “trial & error” approach to concussion and acquired brain injury treatment. Therapists and Case Managers utilize VoxNeuro’s services as a complement to many of the assessments available today.

VoxNeuro’s EEG-based Cognitive Health AssessmentsTM are the only neuroimaging tool that can show how core brain functions have been impacted by an injury. The easy-to-use patient reports provide objective data on core cognitive functions.The health of these core functions is essential for completion of daily activities, well-being and quality of life. Follow-up assessments help healthcare providers to assess progress, recommend continued or alternative methods of treatment, and inform medical clearance to return to regular activity or inform if long-term accommodations are required.

Key Benefits:
● Health Canada cleared
● No baseline required
● Non-invasive, 60-min assessment
● Accelerate treatment
● Inform custom rehab plans
● Track recovery
● Provide objective proof of injury
● Improve your treatment experience and outcome

VoxNeuro Inc. are affiliated with:
Brain Injury Canada, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, McMaster University

VoxNeuro Inc. offer these support services:

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