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101- 30 Gibson Dr.
Markham, ON, L3R2S3
Phone: (905)940-2015
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Information Contact: Albee
Website: www.wardenOptometry.ca

Dr. Liang in Warden Optometry is trained in concussion and brain injury diagnosis and treatment. She took courses after Optometry, in vision therapy and traumatic brain injury. She has more than 200 hours of training in vision therapy and concussion. Her patients are benefiting from concussion post motor vehicle accidents (MVA). The benefits include, improved tolerance to light, better coordination, and driving with more confidence. She's also a concussion survivor from a MVA. She understands the trouble and feelings one goes through. She's completing her own treatment this fall, in vision therapy for concussion. Her office is located near Warden and Steeles, north of Toronto. Contact us today. Our website is wardenOptometry.ca

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