FORS (Family Oriented Rehab Services)

1009 Scarlett Road
Toronto, ON, M9P 2V3
Phone: (416) 763-1111 or (866) 403-3677
Fax: (416) 604-0144
Information Contact: Poulad Etemadi

F.O.R.S. emphasizes the need to understand the client’s culture, language and family environment in order to best provide the most effective treatment. Our staff is from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, and we match our clients with the staff member best suited to their cultural needs. We provide Therapy Support Workers (TSW), Personal Support Workers (PSW), Social Workers (RSW), and Occupational Therapists (OT) who come from almost every culture and speak almost any language. In our experience, understanding and respecting the cultural values of the client works to improve the overall effectiveness of the treatment, as well as ensure that the client’s personal rehabilitation experience is at its best.

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